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Blog Update - 8/11/11

I really appreciated and enjoyed last night's sermon. It was humorous as well as educating. I was just thinking, the bible says we will be caught up to me him in the air, and in the sermon last night we learned that heaven is as far as a jump away, so what if when Jesus returned would it be possible that we all jump for joy or something? Would that translate the same? Just a thought.

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Blog Update - 3/4/11

Today is the day we have been waiting for! Jubile is here, and I'm sure we're all celebrating. I'm almost got some DVDs made, just doing some experimenting for better quality. We need prayers this year, more than ever. The end times are indeed here, and few want to hear it. Ask God for the wisdom on what to say to prick the hearts of others.

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They knew it not


Before daylight on Sunday morning, after Jesus’ resurrection the evening before, Mary Magdalene found His tomb open and rushed to the twelve apostles, thinking the authorities had moved Jesus’ body.  So Peter and John ran together to see, and Peter ran in and found His linen clothes lying and His head covering wrapped separately nearby, then John went in and saw, and believed.  “For as yet they knew not the scripture, that He must raise again from the…


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Weekly Update - 1/9/11

Hey everyone,

This morning's service was very good, fullfilling. Great to see everyone there, and I think we should thank God for the limited snow, I'm glad it wasn't to much, but had it been 6 inches, would have been praising God then too. I am going to start doing an update blog every sunday, so there is at least some activity. Also I am working on some dvd's to send out.

That's pretty much everything new this week.



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The Bible Guys April/May 2010 issue is out

Check out the latest edition of The Bible Guys today. Click Here! The Bible Guys April/May 2010

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The Gospel :

At the end of Matt 28:18-20 Jesus said "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth" 19: Go ye therefore,and teach all nations,baptizing them IN THE NAME of THE FATHER, and of THE SON, and of THE HOLY GHOST. 20: Teaching them to OBSERVE ALL THINGS whatsoever I have COMMANDED you: and ,lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world" Amen.{ Notice Jesus gave them commandments} Jn.14: 15 "Jesus said IF you love me, keep MY COMMANDMENTS".

At the end of the book of Mark 16:… Continue

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Hi Guys, i know im not on here very much at all but i intend to be more often now.You guys have really helped me and my wife Nikki with your prayers and friendship and we want you all to know that we really appreciate you!

Me and Nikki are planning a ministry trip hopefully God willing at the end of June to come and bless you guys with song and testimony.

We feel that God has brought us together for such a time as this to share and partner with you guys.

The Lord has really… Continue

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The Bible is voluminous, and it was deliberately written to be difficult to understand (Isa. 28:13; Matt. 13:1-11, 34-35). The twelve apostles of Jesus had to ask him what His parables meant. When the Pharisees would ask Him some question to entrap Him, He would tell them another parable. One day The Twelve asked Jesus, Why do you speak to them in parables? He answered them, because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to… Continue

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My Prayers

I pray for my family,friends,to God and Jesus.

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Lord, you have given me another day and

it's beautiful because you are always at my side,

And no matter what you allow to come

you promised to be my guide.

I look to you this morning and offer my life

and soul up in honor to you in praise,

Though I don't know just how many more will

be granted or how many days.

That you have planned for me here on

this earth below,

I ask you to help me live and seek all

that is in your will and help others… Continue

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Side by Side

They lie on the Table side by side

The Holy Bible and the TV guide

One is well worn and cherished with pride

No not the Bible, but the TV guide.

As the pages are turned, what shall they see.

Oh, What does it matter turn on the TV

So they open the book in which they confide

No not the Bible the TV guide.

The word of God is seldom read.

Maybe a verse before they fall into bed.

Exhausted and sleept and tired as can… Continue

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The PEOPLE OF TRUTH came to Paden, OK just over a year and half ago. The Lord sent us here and we did not know exactly what His next move was. All we knew that He wanted us here and we came. We have fallen in love with the town, community, and the people. They are like family now to us. We share the Paden life and give thanks for the joy of life that we have in Christ Jesus. The town’s folk are merely simple folk, work hard and love the Lord. Everyone has a caring heart and the motto of the… Continue

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The May Bible Guys pdf is now available!

Sorry for the delay, but you can download May 2009 issue of The Bible Guys as a pdf file: just click here: May 2009 pdf

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The Real Ministry of the New Testament



The New Ministers and Their Gifts

In Ecclesiastes 3:14-15, Solomon said, “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.” Let us put ourselves in the position of the writer. Paul’s “now” is directly between the “now” of Moses and our “now. To Paul, “That which hath been” was the Law and the Prophets. That phase of God’s work was for the saints of God to continue the work which John the… Continue

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I recall the words King David said,

and commune with mine heart upon my bed.

I pray, O God, help me to forgive,

and n'er hold a grudge, as long ere I live.

I pray these words, that Jesus had taught,

with meekness and reverance, as I ought.

O God, please provide, as Jesus said,

and give us this day, our daily bread.

I pray thy will, not mine be done,

'til I behold the face of thy holy Son.

I pray the blood be on my heart's door,

that in… Continue

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Good News

When Jesus comes,

Jesus will reveal who He really is and He will come to us

from Heaven as He said He would do when He departed. He is

coming to restore sovereignty and prove to the worldly

people that He is in control, He will take control and judge

all the nations for what they really are.

Jesus will restore peace to the entire world and cast away the

New World Order and all the wealthy sinful Political Leaders.

When Jesus returns, He won't… Continue

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~ Have you fully understood His message?

Oh sinner come home,

≡► Jesus gave us a clear message with His life, He said: I love you my children, but I must go away. I will be back to receive you one day, until then I will give you comfort through my love for you. All you have to do is call upon My Name and then step into the light.

A dying man called out, Help Me.

A drowning man called out, Save Me.

A sinner called out, Jesus Forgive Me.

Jesus saves, all you have to do is Ask Him.

I… Continue

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Saturday Night Worship Service Live Broadcast

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When you are feeling a bit tired and run down and life it making you feel useless and of no account. Maybe your age or the times that we live in, and you know that you could do more for the Lord, but your spirit is feeling mighty low. Just shake off all the dust that the cares of this life has place on you and let the hands of the Master have his way in you. Here is a Poem and a song that my mother would read and sing in church, and it has always a blessing to me when I feel like I am not good… Continue

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May Bible Guys

The May Bible Guys is on the presses as we speak. If your on the mailing list, you can expect it in your mailbox soon. It should make all of the local newspapers by next week. If you don't get it yet, just visit to get on our list!

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