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The fall of man, an alternative view.

1Cr 2:14 But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

This of course all happened at "The fall", see.

Gen 2:17 "for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.".. This is an incorrect translation, as it should read, "for in the day that you eat of it, dying you shall die".

That is to say, two deaths, spiritual death at the moment you eat thereof, followed by physical death in due course.

The popular view on Genesis Ch 3, certainly in this Country is that Adam was a wimp, in that he did nothing to help his wife when she was tempted, however, my investigations have shown him to be a hero. I am interested to find out if others can arrive, or have arrived at the same conclusion. If you have not considered this matter, and wish to do so then I would suggest that you avoid human commentaries, and rely solely on the Divine commentary. The Bible is the best commentary there is on the Bible.

Just look at what the word of God has to say else ware about, "Adam Eve, and the fall". Read Romans Ch 5 v 14. And ask yourself what is meant by Adam being, "a type of Him who was to come"? What did Jesus do to save His Bride, what did Adam do to save his Bride? Read 2 Cor Ch 5 v 21. "He who knew no sin permitted Himself to be made sin", also don't forget that Adam was not deceived, 2nd Tim Ch 2 v 14. He knew exactly what he was doing, now how does v 15 say that Eve would be saved?.

HNV - 1Ti 2:15 - but she will be saved through her child-bearing, if they continue in faith, love, and sanctification with sobriety.  

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Did Adam go to the tree to obtain the fruit as She did, no he went to her and took her sin upon himself. Don't worry about the second part of v 6 of Gen Ch 3. I will explain that later. My reason for asking this question in the first place was to find out if anyone else arrived at the same conclusion that I had. I once heard a Speaker describe Adam as "A hopeless, helpless, useless, spineless good for nothing, who did not even raise a finger to help his wife who he could clearly see was in danger of disobeying God".

The Speaker went on to say that "Eve at least put up token resistance, and as we know from Scripture she was deceived, we also know that Adam was not deceived, which really puts him beneath contempt".

All this I found difficult to accept, it did not gel, it did not seem to have the ring of truth. My approach was two fold, firstly from the Divine view point, and secondly from the Satanic view point. The Lord our God created/made all things in 6 days. His comment on the first 5 days was "It is good", regarding the 6th day He said "It is very good" This was the day on which He made man both the male, and the female.

I do not think it would be an exaggeration to say that the making of man was for God "The supreme pinnacle of Divine creative genius". He made man in the image of God, and after His likeness, so what likeness of God does Adam display? Hopeless, helpless? Oh no never, never, not the God that I know, could we say to our Lord "Is this the best that You can do?" I think not.

From the Satanic view point of wishing to destroy God's creation, he had 3 possible approaches, 1, the pair when they were together, 2, the man when he was by himself, or 3, the woman when she was by herself. Now which of these 3 do you think would be the most likely to succeed from the Devil's point of view. What is needed here of course is commentary, Divine commentary not man's opinion.

Lets have a look then at Romans Ch 5 v 14. And also 1st Tim Ch 2 vs 13-15. We learn from Romans that Adam was a Type (Pattern) of Him who was to come, remember that The Lord Jesus who knew no sin permitted Himself to be made sin to save His Bride. 1st Timothy says that She (Eve) "will be saved through her child-bearing". Now how much childbearing had she done?, Non, can she fertilize herself? No.

Now assuming that Adam was else ware at the time of the temptation, when he returned to his wife he would be horrified to see that she had fallen into temptation, she was now cut off from him, and lost for ever, as she would be going to hell. He was still sinless, and perfect (As God had made him) and a sinless one can have no contact with sin, he loves his wife with a pure and holy love as no fallen man can have any idea of.

Apart from Adam and Eve, the Human race has not yet been started, and if it isn't started then the kinsman redeemer cannot be born into it. The only way in which mankind can be started, is if he becomes like her, a sinner, remember, he is not deceived, he knows just what he is doing. He does not go to the tree as she had done, but takes the fruit from her hand and partakes thereof. Symbolic of Jesus taking our sin to Himself.

Now what sort of likeness of God do we get. A Self sacrificing Hero who became sin for us, or a Wimp. I know which likeness I prefer, how about you? There are, however, two points that might be worth mentioning. Firstly some people will point out that Gen Ch 3 v 6b. Says that "he was with her". Well of course he was with her, how else could he have taken the fruit from her in the first place?.

He had to be there, why is there no mention whatsoever of Adam in all the six verses, until after the fruit was taken by Eve?. Why is The Holy Spirit telling us the obvious?. Well perhaps He is not, it might just be His rather subtle way of telling us that Adam was not there all the time.

Now the second point, Who told Adam how to save Eve?. I will tell you the answer to that one, when you tell me how Noah knew the difference between "Clean", and "Unclean" at Gen Ch 7 v 2.

Yours in His service.


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